What are Dental Implants?

2021-08-10T04:51:06+00:00August 10th, 2021|Cosmetic Dentistry, Reno Dentist|

Dental implants are metal frames or posts that are inserted into your jawbone so your dentist can attach replacement teeth. After the procedure, the implant fuses to your jawbone and stabilizes the replacement teeth. The anchors fuse with the bone over the course of a few months. After the fusing process, known as osseointegration, abutment

Overall Health Benefits of Proper Oral Hygiene

2021-08-10T05:33:29+00:00July 25th, 2021|Dental, Dental Health, Preventive Dentistry, Reno Dentist|

You've been told by your dentist plenty of times that brushing and flossing every day are important in keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Swollen and bleeding gums are early signs that your gums are infected with bacteria. If you don't receive early treatment, the infection can spread and compromise structures that destroy your teeth

Medical Wisdom Series: Explanation of Benefits (EOB)

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Visiting the doctor can be a stressful experience. Whether you scheduled an appointment because of an ailment, or you are there for a well-check, the doctor’s office tends to make people feel vulnerable. With changing healthcare regulations and insurance policies, understanding the costs related to visiting the doctor can help ease some of the burden.

Covid-19 Safety Protocol

2021-06-30T23:17:16+00:00December 1st, 2020|COVID-19 Safety, Reno Dentist|

Well Beyond Dental is dedicated to providing excellent dental care in the safest environment possible for our patients and our team.  As we prepare for another potential increase in COVID-19 cases and other winter-related illnesses, we want to share the COVID-19 safety procedures we have put in place to address the health and safety concerns

Covid-19 Appointment Procedures

2021-06-30T23:23:09+00:00May 8th, 2020|Dental, Reno Dentist, TMJ Treatment|

To Our Valued Patients: Well Beyond Dental is now open to see patients!  We are taking extra precautions to ensure the safety and health of our team and our patients.  We are adhering to all safety guidelines of the American Dental Association (ADA), the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Occupational

Signs Your Child May Need to See a Reno TMJ Specialist

2021-08-10T04:52:44+00:00April 23rd, 2020|Dental, Reno Dentist, TMJ Treatment|

As we age we learn about what’s normal for our bodies and what isn’t. However, children can be completely unaware of a problem with their body until the problem becomes more severe. For example, what your child may think is normal jaw soreness, you may actually know is a TMJ disorder. With that in mind,

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