Tips to Maintain Your Dental Health Throughout the Summer

While you’re enjoying the warm weather, it’s easy to ignore your dental care routine. To ensure your summer doesn’t leave you searching for a dentist, beware of these 5 summertime activities that can put your dental health at risk.

Swimming Pool Water

Chlorinated pool water is highly acidic and repeated exposure can weaken and erode your enamel. Taking in a little pool water while swimming is unavoidable, therefore it’s important to take the time to rinse your mouth out with plain water once you’re out of the pool. If you’ll be in the pool for an extended period of time, take a few breaks throughout the day to rinse away the acidity.

Chewing Ice 

Don’t chew ice – While enjoying an ice-cold beverage in the summer heat, it is important you resist the temptation to crunch the ice. Excessive ice-chewing can cause your teeth to chip and crack, weaken your tooth enamel, and damage existing fillings and crowns. It can also become a bad habit that is difficult to break.

Pool Area Accidents

Follow the “pool rules” – According to the Academy of General Dentistry, pool accidents are a cause of many summer dental emergencies. Running on slippery pool decks, diving into shallow waters, or bumping the pool ledge leads to many children either chipping or knocking a tooth loose. If a tooth is knocked out, keep it hydrated in water or milk and call your dentist immediately.

Carbonated Beverages

Staying hydrated is essential as the weather warms up and you become more active, but sodas and energy drinks contain sugars and citric acids that are damaging to tooth enamel. Consuming these beverages increases your risk for enamel erosion and sensitivity. Protect your teeth by limiting your soda and energy drink intake and instead opt for water as much as possible.

Missed Appointments

Don’t skip your dental appointments because of travel or other summer activities. It’s easy to get off your routine during the summer. A topsy-turvy schedule, vacations, playdates, or sports tournaments are just a few things that can disrupt daily dental care. Although it’s not detrimental to miss the occasional brushing, you don’t want your family to get knocked out of their regular oral healthcare routine and put their dental health at risk. You can put together dental travel kits for unexpected nights away from home. The kit should contain a toothbrush, toothpaste, bottled water, floss, and a pack of sugar-free gum.

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