I came into this office with complaints of nighttime snoring, and daytime fatigue. I wanted an alternative to a CPAP machine and had heard of appliances that had worked well and was referred to Dr. Tammy by my Pulmonary doctor. I sleep at night comfortably with no snoring, wake up with no dry mouth, and feel rested and without daytime fatigue. At night I brush my teeth, pop my appliance in and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

– Carol V.

At my annual check up last month, [Dr. Tammy] noted the small bump/growth on my upper lip, applied a laser treatment, and made an appointment to see me two weeks later. No change at that time, and she referred me to my dermatologist at Reno Skin Cancer for a biopsy. I got an appointment quickly, had the biopsy and got results within a few days, so a benign growth. I am grateful to her and your office for such prompt action. Many thanks, Dr. Tammy!

– C.A.

In February 2016, I began my search to find out why I couldn’t sleep well. I had a few sleep issues that I wanted to resolve:

  1. Chest pain and headaches in the morning after sleeping.
  2. Unable to sleep longer than 3-4 hours without a pill, which led to extreme fatigue upon waking.

I have done the following under the guidance of Pulmonary physicians for 2 years:

  • Underwent two sleep clinic studies and one home sleep study.
  • Saw a Sleep Therapist and Thyroid specialist.
  • Tried 8 masks and a CPAP machine for 1 ½ years.
  • Underwent ENT Surgery to repair a deviated septum and open the turbinate areas.

On my own, I also tried the following – cut down my physical activity schedule, tried a weighted blanket, and saw a Nutritionist to help lose weight. All this with no success. Issue 1 above improved, but my sleep did not. Finally, the Pulmonary physician referred me to a dentist for an appliance.

The first thing Dr. Tammy did was to specify a full 360-degree skull x-ray. That image revealed a significant issue – my nasal airways were very narrow. As a result, when I slept, I would breathe through my mouth. She recommended two things:

  1. An appliance to keep my mouth closed so I breathe through my nose to increase oxygen intake
  2. An appointment to see an Advanced ENT to expand my nasal passages.

Both recommendations worked and my sleep quality improved.

  • I do not have chest pains or headaches in the morning.
  • After sleeping, I feel awake. I no longer stumble or feel exhausted after sleeping.
  • My sleeping time has increased from 3 – 4 hours to 4 ½ – 5 1/2 hours. I now have a morning. Before that my day began after 11 am.
  • When I get up in the morning, I don’t have the aches and pains from the day before.

I cannot tell you how this has improved my life. Working with Dr. Tammy and her staff, who do everything to help and care for you, has restored my confidence in the medical profession.

If you have similar issues, I can highly recommend Dr. Tammy.

– Connie

Last year I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. I was not able to tolerate the recommended treatment, the CPAP machine, and was referred to Dr. Neugebauer’s clinic. After a thorough examination and a series of diagnostic tests, Dr. Tammy fitted me for an oral appliance that I have worn nightly with little or no discomfort for the past nine months. It has helped immensely in giving me a much better night’s sleep and I am grateful for this therapy that involves no apparatus, equipment or special cleaning. In addition, I appreciate the tremendous care offered by her staff in all these months, with regular follow-up visits for adjustments and consultation. She and the members of her staff are an exceptional group of people who take time with each appointment, always professional and always very congenial and friendly. I recommend her clinic and overall practice very highly and with great confidence.

– Nigel

For about a year prior to finding Dr. Tammy my jaw would occasionally lock open until one day I couldn’t get it to close. I had to seek Dr. Tammy for an emergency appointment where she not only helped me close my locked jaw but also helped me fix my issue permanently so it wouldn’t happen again. The best part was Dr. Tammy’s holistic approach towards identifying the root cause of my issue (poor nasal breathing) rather than just treating my symptoms. The recommendations I received from Dr. Tammy led to massive improvements in my overall quality of life and I’m extremely grateful that I found such an incredible doctor who was so receptive to the issues I was having.

– Christopher M.

I am truly amazed and glad I made the choice to seek TMD treatment. Though it makes sense, I was still hesitant due to the unknown and potential cost…BUT it is well worth the commitment and cost! My quality of life has improved immensely! Not only do I wake up with no jaw pain, I have none throughout the day either. My energy level has recovered from many years of fatigue. My anxiety has reduced significantly!! I have more range of motion in my neck and I hardly ever, if any have neck pain! The staff is very sweet, attentive and professional, whether it’s the office staff, techs/assistants or Dr. Tammy, they make you feel very welcome and cared for.

– Lorri

Best dentist I have ever been to and I’ve been to a few in my time. The office is extremely clean and the doctor’s chair side manner is second to none. I look forward to my wife and myself having all our future dental work done there!

– Mike

Dr. Neugebauer and all the staff are always very professional and concerned about how I am doing during every visit. Would and have recommended this office to my family and friends.

– Barbara

This office is great. Dr. Tammy has a great bedside manner. Aimee does a great job and is super friendly. Would highly recommend.

– John

I had a great experience here! I’ve had a hard time finding a great dentist but after my first appointment, I’m confident in saying I will continue with this practice. Most thorough dental exam I’ve ever had and the dentist was very informative.

– Liane

I’ve been going to Dr. Tammy for so many years and even saw her dad before that. I followed her to Well Beyond Dental and I love how friendly her staff is. I definitely recommend them.

– Allison


Jeannette Brun
Jeannette Brun
21:46 01 Apr 21
Tamara is great. The office staff are always nice and helpful.
Jenny Toral
Jenny Toral
22:15 18 Feb 21
This places is so clean, great customer service and stuff are very professional. Dr Aimee and Tammy are the best. Oxana is very gentle with cleaning... and friendly and professional.I recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a dentist in the Reno/sparks more
Amanda Dudley
Amanda Dudley
15:56 22 Jul 20
The office is beautiful and so clean. All of the staff are so nice and welcoming!! I highly recommended Well Beyond Dental.
Ali Clark
Ali Clark
21:13 02 Jul 20
Highly highly recommend this office! Wonderful staff and Drs!
Erich Schmitt
Erich Schmitt
21:56 31 Jan 20
I have been seeing Dr. Tammy for more than 10 years! She is fantastic and her staff makes you feel like family. 😁


Emily A.
Emily A.
19:11 24 Mar 21
Dr.Tammy and staff do a phenomenal job at making patients feel at ease during appointments! I was educated during my appointment, able to understand my oral...
Bonnie C.
Bonnie C.
20:44 19 Jun 20
I have been going to Tami for years. Love this place! Friendly, thorough and on time. They always do an amazing job!
Brad C.
Brad C.
16:04 07 Feb 20
I have been seeing Dr. Tammy for years. Her new office is great. She and her team strive to provide the highest level of care to each and every client,...
Elisangela R.
Elisangela R.
13:47 16 Jan 20
This is the reason I'm always in Reno, all the staff are super nice they get the work done very well and the place is just soo clean.. who does not love a...
Jeanna A.
Jeanna A.
08:32 27 Aug 19
Dr. Tammy has been my dentist since I first moved to Reno. I absolutely adore her. She's thorough, efficient, honest, and super nice. There's been times...


clayton spicer
clayton spicer
02:15 25 Sep 21
What an amazing, clean, updated office. I have been to dental offices in multiple states and this was by far the best office. Not to mention that my hygienist was amazing and had a gentile touch. I... would highly more
Katrina Edwards
Katrina Edwards
22:13 14 Sep 21
It's so hard to find a good dentist. Everyone in this office is amazing and they make you feel really comfortable. I wouldn't go anywhere and I highly recommend them!
Anita I
Anita I
18:58 09 Sep 21
I have been Dr Tammy for over 10 years She is amazing. Also she has wonderful dental hygienists . I highly recommend this practice. I bring my son here as well❤️
Andi Ashby
Andi Ashby
02:36 18 Aug 21
Dr. Amy is by far the BEST dentist I have ever had. She is friendly, patient, knowledgeable and genuine. I have anxiety/panic and everyone from the hygienist to her assistant were so very kind. The... work was done efficiently and practically 0 more
Emma Freeman
Emma Freeman
17:51 11 Aug 21
This was my first dental visit in 6 years and I don't know why I put it off for so long! I got my teeth cleaned and was told I had one cavity that needed filling (could be worse after 6 years). The... hygienists are so nice and thorough. I went in for a filling the next day and Dr. Aimee is amazing. So friendly and explains everything really well. Happy to answer any questions I had. She's a total dental nerd in the best way possible! The filling process was quick and comfortable. I highly recommend visiting Well Beyond Dental (:read more