Dental implants are metal frames or posts that are inserted into your jawbone so your dentist can attach replacement teeth. After the procedure, the implant fuses to your jawbone and stabilizes the replacement teeth. The anchors fuse with the bone over the course of a few months. After the fusing process, known as osseointegration, abutment posts are inserted into the anchors to allow for the permanent attachment of the replacement teeth. This means implants are generally more comfortable than dentures or bridges because they won’t slip or shift in your mouth.

Healthy gums and a thorough oral hygiene routine are important factors when deciding if implants are the best option for you. Proper maintenance of your dental implant does not end with good oral hygiene habits. Regular visits to the dentist are also necessary. You should see a dentist at least twice every year. Your dentist or hygienist will perform an examination of your mouth as well as a dental cleaning. The gums and teeth surrounding the implant will be under close examination for any changes. Your dentist will look for tenderness in your gums, sensitivity, looseness, and the alignment of your teeth. A dental health professional will also take a close look at all the various components of your implants to ensure they are in good condition and are functioning properly.

Taking care of your dental implants is a lot like taking care of your natural teeth. If you do not properly clean your implants by brushing twice a day and flossing, there is a better chance of developing oral health issues. The most common sign of a problem is bleeding around the implant. Bleeding around the implant is known as mucositis, a condition that can be treated if detected early. If left unchecked, it will eventually lead to bone loss which is irreversible. If the bone loss is not quickly contained, it will continue to spread and eventually require the removal of the implant.

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