Brian grew up in Reno and received his BS in Biology from the University of Nevada in 2006. He decided to expand his studies the next year starting the MBA program at the University of Nevada. During the MBA program, Brian worked in logistics, focusing on process improvements and employee management. Brian and Tammy had their daughter, Kaila, in 2009. Shortly after, he decided to make a career shift and began law school at the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law in 2011. Two weeks before law school started, Tammy gave birth to their son Shaun. Brian commuted back and forth from Reno to Sacramento for three years to complete his law degree (that was a crazy three years!!).

After graduating, Brian passed the Nevada Bar and was accepted into the Nevada Bar Association. Brian began working for Chief Judge Michael Gibbons as one of the Nevada Court of Appeal’s first law clerks. When the clerkship was over, he decided to apply his business acumen to Tammy’s practice and started to manage it in 2016. Having a legal and business background allows him to create more efficient systems, understand and educate patients on their rights and responsibilities according to their insurance plans, and navigate challenges brought by ever-changing healthcare rules and regulations.

Brian has been with the practice for over four years and was integral in relocating the practice to its current location to accommodate Reno’s growth and the expansion of Tammy’s dentistry practice in Reno. Of the many qualities he loves about working at Well Beyond Dental, the most important to him is the culture. “Each member of our team believes in making improvements every day to provide care that surpasses our patients’ expectations. Every team member delivers such exceptional and personalized care that it is no wonder our patients put their health in our hands. I invite everyone to experience how our approach is different and see for yourself how our team is committed to providing care that is well beyond dental.”