Dr. Tammy

Dr. Tammy Neugebauer, DDS

Born and raised in Reno, Dr. Tammy attended the University of Nevada for her undergraduate education. Both her dad, Monte Neugebauer, and brother, Brady Neugebauer, are dentists and because of their influence Dr. Tammy made the career choice to attend University of the Pacific, Dugoni School of Dentistry in San Francisco. After graduating in 2005, her education continued in Florida where she attended an Academic Education in General Dentistry at Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Tammy returned to Reno in 2006 and began practicing at Dr. Lloyd B Austin’s pediatric dental office as well as an associate with her family at Reno Dental Associates. In 2013, Dr. Tammy took ownership of Dr. Monte’s practice allowing him to slow down and eventually retire in 2016.

After so many years treating patients’ dental problems, Dr. Tammy always had a thought that there was an underlying problem contributing to the symptoms she was treating daily. She was fortunate to attend a lecture by Dr. Steve Olmos, DDS who discussed how the origin of symptoms was often related to sleep, breathing and pain. Dr. Tammy, suffering from these symptoms herself had found the missing link in how she was treating her patients. Dr. Tammy started screening patients with just a few simple questions. Can you get to sleep, stay asleep, and do you feel rested in the morning? Do you have headaches? It was astounding how many of her patients had at least one “yes” to these questions. Dr. Tammy felt she needed to help her patients, so she continued learning to better educate herself so she could be a better provider for her patients. Sleep, breathing and pain became her passion and mission to help as many people suffering from these underlying, under-treated problems.

Dr. Tammy joined forces with Dr. Olmos partnering as the TMJ Sleep Therapy Centre of Reno. Dr. Tammy continues improving her knowledge and experience so she can better serve her patients. With the growth of her practice and continued development of her skills, Dr. Tammy needed more space and more help. Her husband joined her practice in 2016 to help manage and create systems that have made her practice go above and beyond. They realized they needed more space and technology in order to achieve this. On February 1, 2019, Dr. Tammy and Brian proudly opened their new state-of-the-art dental practice, Well Beyond Dental and the TMJ sleep Therapy Centre of Reno.